Commercial Shipbuilding

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 The United States commercial shipbuilding industry and its related supplier base support America’s fleet of over 40,000 vessels. Central to the U.S. commercial shipbuilding industry is the U.S. Merchant Marine Act of 1920, also known as the Jones Act, which ensures a robust and competitive domestic shipyard industrial base. Shipbuilders Council of America strongly supports the Jones Act, as well as policies and programs that promote domestic manufacturing; the inland tug and barge industry; offshore oil and gas development; offshore renewable energy development; the non-contiguous trades; and America’s commercial fishing fleets.

Government New Ship Construction

U.S. shipyards have a long and proud tradition of building the military vessels that are the foundation of our maritime presence in the world.  The U.S. shipbuilding industry also has a significant impact on our national economy by adding billions of dollars to U.S. economic output annually.  SCA knows the importance of government new ship construction to our national and economic security and has diligently advocated for policies and budgets to protect and expand this sector of our economy.  SCA examines current and projected shipbuilding policies, budgets and trends and advocates our members’ interests before the government decision-makers who directly influence the shipyard industry.  SCA identifies opportunities to collaborate with private industry, government agencies and other like-minded industry associations on efforts to promote naval, Coast Guard and other governmental shipbuilding as a vital industry and educate our leaders on the multiplying effects of shipbuilding on the supply chain and services sector.  The fact that SCA’s membership spans from major defense construction shipyards to small, family-owned suppliers enables the shipbuilding industry to speak with one voice to Congress and the Administration about the critical need for a strong defense shipyard industrial base.


Government Maintenance and modernization 

Vigor_MarineRepairAndModernization_NavyAndCoastGuard_Seattle 2011-08 VGR_0001.JPGU.S. Coast Guard Vessels undergoing Maintenance and Modernization at Vigor Industrial in Seattle, WAThe Shipbuilders Council of America strongly supports the maintenance and modernization of our U.S. Navy and Coast Guard fleets. We work with both the Congress and the Departments to get what our Sailors and Coast Guardsmen need to ensure an acceptable material condition of the ships they sail around the world.  SCA also strongly supports modernization programs that keep our ships ready to meet current and future threats.  SCA actively participates in many forums and venues, particularly with the Navy, to work on issues of common interest between industry and the services. SCA strives to be a resource to its members, the Congress, and the services. 

Regulatory Issues and Engagement

144car.ferry_33.jpg The Shipbuilders Council of America monitors and engages the federal rulemaking process on all issues affecting the shipbuilding and repair industry. SCA strongly believes that the federal rulemaking process should be open and transparent, based on sound science and with stakeholder involvement. To that end, SCA works directly with the Navy, Coast Guard, Customs and Border Patrol, OSHA, and EPA among other agencies to provide input on existing and emerging rules. SCA also petitions agencies when and where necessary to reduce unnecessary burden, provide clarifications, and reduce redundancies. SCA is also proactive partnering and communicating with federal agencies on behalf of SCA membership.