Government Maintenance and Modernization

The Shipbuilders Council of America strongly supports the maintenance and modernization of our U.S. Navy and Coast Guard fleets. We work with both the Congress and the Departments to get what our Sailors and Coast Guardsmen need to ensure an acceptable material condition of the ships they sail around the world.  SCA also strongly supports modernization programs that keep our ships ready to meet current and future threats.  SCA actively participates in many forums and venues, particularly with the Navy, to work on issues of common interest between industry and the services. SCA strives to be a resource to its members, the Congress, and the services. 

national ship repair industry conferencee (NSRIC)

vigor.aerial_26.JPGShips in drydock.

In addition to the three General Membership Meetings, SCA also hosts the National Ship Repair Industry Conference (NSRIC) in Washington, D.C.  The conference, which is open to the maritime repair industry, is co-sponsored by the five ship repair associations: the Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association (PSDSRA)the Virginia Ship Repair Association (VSRA), the Jacksonville Area Ship Repair Association (JASRA), the Puget Sound Ship Repair Association (PSSRA) and the Ship Repair Association of Hawaii (SRAH).  The conference focuses on the important role of repair, maintenance and modernization in the shipyard industry and featured speakers from the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Congress and industry.  The cooperation amongst all the ship repair organizations and the government serves as a vital asset in developing the advocacy platform for maintenance and modernization. 

multi-ship/multi-option (MSMO) Summits

SCA coordinates industry's participation and input to the Multi-Ship/Multi-Option (MSMO) Summits held several times a year by the Navy.  These meetings address ways to improve the planning and execution of availabilities conducted under the MSMO contract vehicle.  While improvements are primarily developed around the MSMO contract, most improvements apply to any availability irrespective of contract vehicle.  SCA's role is one of coordination to ensure the companies participating get the opportunity to make their cases on how to improve the processes and procedures used to maintain and modernize our ships.  The Navy uses this input to better determine how to make adjustments or establish new policies and procedures. 

vigor.navy_15.JPGAnchor and Dome

joint industry/navy improvement initiatives (Jinii)

For more then a decade, the Navy has used the Joint Industry/Navy Improvement Initiatives (JINII) meetings to discuss important developments in maintenance and modernization.  SCA coordinates industry's participation in the work-up to the meetings which are open to the public and attract a very broad audience from both the Navy and industry.  The Navy and industry, with SCA's help, determine what should be presented and work together to write the agenda and presentation material.

SCA publishes information about and participates in regular conference calls the Navy uses to drill down on specific topics such as quality assurance or advanced planning.  SCA coordinates industry's response to tasks generated during the conference calls, sometimes conducting industry only conference calls to coordinate a response.  SCA performs an essential role in presenting feedback that then has no correlation to any specific company or companies but is instead presented as an industry position.  SCA also tracks action items assigned to industry during any of the many venues striving to improve the processes.  SCA also tracks actions of particular interest to industry that the Navy assigns itself. 

federal budget analysis

SCA reviews the Federal Budget to stay abreast of what is happening to the principle funding lines of interest to the maintenance and modernization community.  The continuing budget development process is tracked starting with the submission of the President's budget, through the actions of each of the four Congressional committees, ending in the passage of public law.  

vigor.USS_.Lincoln_155.JPGWelder in Action

SCA is active in addressing Congressional issues having significant impact on maintenance and modernization budgets.  Changes to the definition of depot maintenance and sequestration are examples of such issues.  SCA gives budget briefs not only to its own membership but also at other forums such as Marine Machinery Association meetings, the Pacific Northwest Defense Symposium, or American Society of Naval Engineering meetings.

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