Budget Analysis

The SCA team understands the complex funding challenges associated with ship construction and have many years of experience directly participating in budget development and policymaking in both Congress and the Executive Branch.  SCA provides our members detailed and thorough analyses of the President’s budget and major Congressional proposals throughout the annual budget process.  We pay particular attention to the adequacy of funding for programs that build, repair, modernize and maintain our national security fleet and create detailed funding tables for all relevant bills.  We also analyze and strategize long-term budget challenges and measures to address them.  SCA staff keeps our members up to date on individual appropriation and authorization bills as they move through the Congressional budget process and address relevant amendments and other legislative initiatives that affect the shipbuilding and repair industry.  

 In addition, SCA provides members with timely and insightful analyses of the Navy’s 30-year shipbuilding plan, GAO Selected Acquisition Reports and produce various budget primers and backgrounders throughout the year.

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