Mariners and Shipbuilders Call on President Trump to Put American National and Economic Security First


The Shipbuilders Council of America today joined the Offshore Marine Services Association (OMSA) and the American Maritime Partnership (AMP) in responding to an announcement by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to withdraw its second proposal to modify and revoke letter rulings associated with the Jones Act.  This decision hurts American workers, vessel owners and U.S. shipbuilders and prevents the creation of 3,200 new American jobs. 

On the decision: 

"We are disappointed the Administration chose to indefinitely kick this job-destroying regulatory can down the road,” said Matthew Paxton, President of SCA. “The correct interpretation and enforcement of the Jones Act is critical to the capitalization of the commercial shipbuilding and repair industry, and its industrial base, which is crucial to U.S. homeland and national security. This Administration's needless delay only hurts the more than 400,000 men and women of the U.S. shipyard industry.”

"The offshore service industry is deeply disappointed in the Administration's decision to delay the revocation of letter rulings that would correctly enforce the Jones Act and put American mariners first," said Aaron Smith, President and CEO of the Offshore Marine Service Association. "This decision to move to a regulatory review process is deeply damaging to the American crews, shipyards, and companies who have waited more than eight years while the Administration studied taking corrective action. Additionally, during this time our industry has invested more than $2 billion to ensure offshore production and exploration would not be disrupted, while foreign interests lobbied the U.S. government to promote their own economic interests through their promotion of false statements and scare tactics. We call on President Trump to take immediate action and correct these damaging rulings that have continued to put foreign companies first and American companies and workers last."

For more information on the CBP's decision, please click HERE.