NSRIC 2013 Materials

National ship repair industry conference 

Meeting Notebook & Materials

navy & coast guard day presentations

Please note that not all of the Navy & Coast Guard speakers have publicly released their presentations. Those available to the public are listed here. 

RDML Joe Carnevale (ret)

RADM Rowden, Director, Surface Warfare (N96)

RADM Shannon, Deputy Commander for Surface Warfare (SEA 21)

Mr. Albert Curry Jr., Deputy Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics, USCG

Hill Day and industry day

Hill Day Packets (please feel free to use this material in any future meetings with your Members of Congress) 


Ms. Michelle Tomaszewski, Virginia Ship Repair Association - VSRA: Strength Behind the Fleet

(due to their large file size, the commercials and radio ads produced by VSRA will be sent hard copy to NSRIC attendees)

Mr. Greg Hendricks, EID Passport - Next Generation Physical and Logistical Access

Mr. Steve Hinton, Marisco LTD - Marsico 3PF System: A solutino to EPA/NPDES Drydock and Stormwater Requirement