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 FAQ What is the best way to reduce paint blistering on metal parts?

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Shipbuilders Council of America strongly supports the maintenance and modernization of our Navy and Coast Guard Fleets.  We work with both the Congress and the Departments to get what our Sailors and Coast Guardsmen need to ensure an acceptable material condition of the ships they sail around the world.  SCA also strongly supports modernization programs that keep our ships ready to meet current and future threats.  SCA actively participates in many forum and venues, particularly with the Navy, to work on issues of common interest between industry and the services.  SCA strives to be a resource to its members, the Congress and the services.  This page provides access to information focused on Navy surface ship maintenance and modernization.

Commander Naval Sea Systems Command instructions can be found here:


Commander Naval Regional Maintenance Center instructions can be found here:


Below are available instructions, notices and letters that may not yet be posted above.  If you do not find what you are looking for on the SCA web site, it may be because it has been made available on the above web sites.



NAVSEAINST 4790.28 Risk Management

NAVSEA ltr 4700 REUSE OF EPCPs 22 MAR 13

NAVSEA 111724Z FEB 13 Prohibition of Steel Shot

NAVSEA Standard Item 009-60_FY16-CH2


CNRMCINST 4700.5 SOP for EPCP on Surface Ships

CNRMCINST 4700.8 Ready to Start SOP for Expanded Process Control Procedure

CNRMCINST 4790.13 Emergency Fire Response Planning and Execution

CNRMCINST 4790.5 In-service Engineering Agent Support for Diesel Engines and Boilers

CNRMCINST 4790.6 - Systems and Equipment Requiring Certification

CNRMCNOTE 4791 Adding Work to Availability Work Packages (AWP) For CNO Availabilities

CNRMC ltr 116 of 16 Jul 12 Relaxation of NAVSEAINST 5400.10A

CNRMC ltr 116  of 6 Sep 13 Coating QA Toolkit (CQATK) Review

CNRMC ltr 143 of 14 Sep 12 SSRAC Business Rules

CNRMC SEA02 ltr of 23 Jul 13 re Management of Reserve Growth

CNRMC Serial 001 - Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (JFMM)

CNRMC Personnel Working Aloft

CNRMC Shipboard Damage Control Requirements 13Nov12

CNRMC Shipboard Electrical Safety Requirements 13Nov12

CNRMC Tag-out Training 11-20-12

CNRMC Work Authorization and Control Process 11-20-12

Other documents pertaining to surface ship maintenance and modernization:

ADM Gortney SNA 2014 Optimizing The Fleet Response Plan (Public Version)

CNO Navigation Plan 2013-2017

USFF Commanders Guidance 17 Sep 12

ADM Harvey Fundamentals of Surface Warfare

        Attachment 1 - What Happened

        Attachment 2 - Systemic Findings

        Attachment 3 - Brilliant at the Basics of Our Profession

        Attachment 4 - Reversing Trends

        Attachment 5 - Sustaining our Navy

        Attachment 6 - Its Up To You So Get It Done

CNSF Surface Force Maintenance Contracts May 12

CNSF R081808Z FEB 13 Shipboard Tag Out and Work Control

CNSP CNSL INST 3504 1B Redlines

CNSP 040024Z FEB 13 Prohibition of Steel Shot

Surface Team One Planning Knowledge Sharing Network Charter

FY12 Workload Agreement (10-5-11) FINAL

SHIPMAIN Final Report - Final Version 21 DEC 11

        SHIPMAIN Final Report Appendices 21 DEC 11

ASN Policy Memo of 27 Mar 09 - Comprehensive Contracting Strategy