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Nola Propeller Club Honors Scalise

The Waterways Journal – Frank McCormack – 2 November 2018

The New Orleans Propeller Club’s annual Maritime Person of the Year Gala celebrated House Majority Whip Steve Scale, the 60th recipient of the club’s annual award. Scalise then touched on issues related to the maritime industry with which he’s involved. First, he emphasized the importance of the Jones Act. “Every country in the world has some kind of cabotage laws,” he said. “What it means to the United States is, No. 1, national security.” Scalise compared it to aviation laws, which prevent foreign airlines from flying between domestic airports. “We don’t allow that to happen because it’s a real concern about our national security,” he said. “We want to know who the people are who are moving people around this country. On the same token, that’s why the Jones Act is so important, to have that set of rules for America, so we know who’s moving goods throughout the inland waterways in this country.”