Industry and Government Forums

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SCA General membership meetings

SCA holds three general membership meetings per year to provide a platform for our members to come together and address the issues facing the industry.  The Spring Annual General Membership Meeting is always held in Washington, D.C. and enables SCA members to reach out to Congress directly and advocate for the shipyard industry as a group. Additionally, the SCA awards both Improvement in Safety and Excellence in Safety Awards at our D.C. meeting.  Fall Meetings are held in a different location each year in close proximity to member shipyards for facility tours. The Winter General Membership Meeting is held in Florida and is also host to the SCA Annual Golf Tournament. Each meeting is a members only event and provides excellent networking opportunities for all SCA members.  

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SCA member companies benefit from our engagement with OSHA and other regulatory agencies to promote high standards of health, safety and environmental awareness throughout the industry.  In addition to hosting annual safety meetings to keep our membership updated on the latest regulatory developments, SCA also tracks member safety records in quarterly injury and illness surveys.  Participants in the surveys can earn both Improvement in Safety and Excellence in Safety Awards annually. 

National ship repair industry conference (nsric)

SCA annually co-hosts the National Ship Repair Industry Conference (NSRIC) in Washington, D.C.  The conference, which is open to the maritime repair industry, is co-sponsored by the five ship repair associations: the Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association (PSDSRA)the Virginia Ship Repair Association (VSRA), the Jacksonville Area Ship Repair Association (JASRA), the Puget Sound Ship Repair Association (PSSRA) and the Ship Repair Association of Hawaii (SRAH).  The conference focuses on the important role of repair, maintenance and modernization in the shipyard industry and featured speakers from the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Congress and industry.  The cooperation amongst all the ship repair organizations and the government serves as a vital asset in developing the advocacy platform for maintenance and modernization. . 

Congressional shipbuilding caucus with the navy league of the united states

The SCA, in its partnership with the Navy League of the United States, supports quarterly Congressional Shipbuilding Caucus breakfasts. The Caucus, co-chaired by Congressmen Rob Wittman (R, VA-1) and Joe Courtney (D, CT-2) provides a forum for Congressional Members to discuss shipbuilding issues impacting their districts, create bipartisan support for increased shipbuilding production for national security aims, and raise awareness of commercial and government shipbuilding issues across Capitol Hill. Additionally, the Caucus provides a platform for industry, service and Congressional leaders to exchange views on the current and future states of U.S. shipbuilding. 

Joint navy/industry improvement initiatives (jinii)

For more than a decade, the Navy has used the Joint Navy/Industry Improvement Initiatives (JINII) meetings to discuss important developments in maintenance and modernization. SCA coordinates industry's participation in the work-up to the meetings which are open to the public and attract a very broad audience from both the Navy and industry.  The Navy and industry, with SCA's help, determine what should be presented and work together to write the agenda and presentation material. 

multi-ship/multi-option (msmo) Contracting summits

SCA coordinates industry's participation and input to the Multi-Ship/Multi-Option (MSMO) contracting summits held several times a year by the Navy. These meetings address ways to improve the planning and execution of availabilities conducted under the MSMO contract vehicle.  While improvements are primarily developed around the MSMO contract, most improvements apply to any availability irrespective of the contract vehicle.  SCA's role is one of coordination to ensure the companies participating get the opportunity to make their cases on how to improve the processes and procedures used to maintain and modernize our ships. The Navy uses this input to better determine how to make adjustments or establish new policies and procedures.